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1. Do I need my G1 to begin the course?
Although you are not needed to have your G1 in order to begin the course, you are required to have it by the time you are ready to begin your driving lessons.
2. Are your instructors qualified?
Annually, we do a check of our instructor driver abstract, and every three years, we conduct a check of thier criminal history.
3. Where can I book my driving test?
On the website, you may schedule your test. The examination might also be scheduled for you by your teacher.
4. How early can I go for my ministry road-test?
After a minimum of eight months have passed from the day that your license was issued, you will be able to take your exam if you have completed our ministry-approved course. Or else you will be required to wait for a minimum of one year.
5. Can I use my instructor’s car for the road-test?
If you want to travel to a different testing center, you will be able to utilize the instructor's car, but there will be an extra fee associated with it. Furthermore, on the day of the examination, a refresher instruction will be provided in addition to the use of the vehicle for the road test. Because students will feel most at ease behind the wheel of the vehicle that they have been learning to drive in, we highly suggest that you choose to utilize the vehicle that your instructor has provided for the road test.
6. Does the MTO Course Expire?
The MTO requires 20 hours of theory, 10 hours of study, and 10 hours of in-car training to be completed in one year. You may keep your credits for two years.