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What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist

Hey there, getting ready for the G2 road test? It’s like taking another big step towards driving all by yourself! Feeling a bit nervous? No worries! Once you know what’s coming and do a little prep, you’ll be good to go with a smile. Let’s explore what you’ll be doing during the test and what the examiner will be watching for, step by step. 

Before Your G2 Road Test 

Before you even step foot into the testing vehicle, there are a few key things to remember: 

serviceontario drivers licence hero banner 760x560 2022 09 19 What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist
  • Bring Required Documents: Make sure you have Your Necessary Document Which Is Your G1 Driving License Or In Other Other Words Your Learner Permit. 
  • Check If You have Any Restriction On your License such as glasses or contact lenses. 
  • Check Your Vehicle: Ensure that the vehicle you’ll be using for the test is in good working condition, with all signal lights, brake lights and horn functioning properly. 
  • Arrive Early: Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your road test timing at the testing location with ample time to spare. There is no rule i you do not arrive 30 minutes before you can even arrive a minute before and report your road test and they will still proceed with it. 

Arrival and Parking At the Drive test Centre 

As you arrive at the Drive Test Centre, you’ll typically find designated parking spots labelled with numbers. Your first task is to smoothly manoeuvre your car into one of these numbered spots. It’s always better to park reverse into the spot so that it’s easy for you to come out of the spot as your test starts. 

stock video close white paint number marking parking lot empty parking lot What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist

Report Your Road Test

Once you’ve parked your car, it’s time to officially check in for your road test. This involves reporting to the designated area inside the Drive Test Centre to let them know you’ve arrived. Head To road test kiosk and enter your license number. As you enter your license number it will ask about your car parking information. Below is the information you require for reporting your road test. Its the same for your G test.

Qmatic Self Serve Kiosk What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist
  • Parking spot Number 
  • Car Make (Road Test Car Make You Are Using) 
  • License Plate  
  • Color of your car  

Waiting in the Car 

skeleton 1 What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist

After reporting for your test, you’ll be instructed to return to your car and wait for further instructions. Make sure you receipt after reporting starts from the letter ‘A’ and Not ‘S’ if it starts from A you head to the car and wait for the examiner to come to your driver side window as he has all your information. If it starts from ‘S’ stay in the drive test centre and wait for your number to be called there might be something that needs a double check. While you wait in the car take note that the exam in never on time it might be early or a little late. 

The Examiner’s Arrival 

As you sit in the driver’s seat, eyes fixed on the road ahead, you suddenly spot the examiner making their way towards your car. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the examiner’s arrival signals the imminent start of your road test adventure. 

drivetest road test7 What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist

License and Vehicle Inspection 

With a friendly smile, the examiner greets you and begins the inspection process. First up, they’ll ask to see your driver’s license. But the inspection doesn’t end there. The examiner’s keen eye now turns to your trusty steed – your vehicle. They meticulously check that everything is in proper working order, conducting a thorough examination that includes: 

1. Signal Lights Check: With a series of flicks and switches, the examiner ensures that your signal lights are functioning as they should. Left turn signal – check. Right turn signal – check. Each click and flash is a testament to your vehicle’s readiness for the road. 

2. Brake Lights Check: Next, the examiner verifies that your brake lights illuminate promptly and brightly when you apply the brakes. A quick tap of the pedal, and the reassuring glow of the brake lights confirms that all is well in the rear of your vehicle. 

3. Horn Inspection: With a firm press of the horn, you demonstrate that your vehicle’s horn is in proper working order. 

Take Note that if your vehicle fails any of the above inspection your test will be terminated, and you must book a new road test and must pay the booking fee to the ministry again when booking. 

What Are You Tested On Your G2? 

with the examiner by your side, you’ll demonstrate your mastery of basic driving skills as you navigate through various road scenarios. The examiner will be judging: 

close up view driving instructor holding checklist while background female student steering driving car 1 What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist
  • Smooth Acceleration and Braking: Showcase your ability to accelerate and brake smoothly, maintaining control and stability throughout. 
  • Steering Control: Demonstrate precise steering control as you navigate corners, curves, and straightaways with confidence. 
  • Lane Positioning: Keep your vehicle centered within your lane, avoiding drifting or swerving into adjacent lanes. 

Traffic Interactions 

As you merge into traffic and encounter various road conditions, the examiner will observe how you interact with other vehicles and navigate safely. They’ll be judging: 

  • Lane Changes: Execute lane changes smoothly and safely, using your mirrors and signals to indicate your intentions to other drivers. 
  • Intersections: Approach intersections with caution, yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians as required. Make clear and decisive turns while maintaining awareness of your surroundings. 
  • Traffic Flow: Adjust your speed and position to match the flow of traffic, maintaining a safe following distance and avoiding sudden manoeuvres. 

Special Manoeuvres 

Throughout the road test, you may be asked to perform specific manoeuvres to assess your driving skills. The examiner will be judging: 

  • Parallel Parking: Execute a controlled and precise parallel parking manoeuvre, positioning your vehicle accurately within the designated space. 
  • Three-Point Turn: Perform a three-point turn safely and efficiently, demonstrating awareness of traffic flow and yielding to other vehicles when necessary. 
  • Parking Skills: Showcase your parking skills by performing various parking manoeuvres, including: 
  • Parallel parking 
  • Front parking 
  • Reverse parking 
  • Uphill parking 
  • Downhill parking 
  • Roadside parking 

Observational Skills and Awareness 

Throughout the road test, the examiner will assess your observational skills and awareness of your surroundings. They’ll be judging: 

  • Mirror Checks: Consistently check your mirrors to maintain awareness of traffic behind and beside you, using them to anticipate potential hazards and adjust your driving accordingly. 
  • Blind Spot Checks: Perform blind spot checks before changing lanes or making turns, ensuring that no vehicles or obstacles are in your path. 
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: Respond correctly to various traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings, demonstrating your understanding of their meanings and implications. 

The Return to the Drive Test Centre 

As you arrive back and perform your last parking either front in or reverse parking the examiner puts out your result as you either met the ministry standards or you did not meet the ministry standard and need to try again after 10 days. 

pass fail driving test quota What To Expect? Your G2 Road Test Checklist
  • Success: Relief washes over you as the examiner congratulates you on meeting the ministry standards. You’ve demonstrated your driving skills and earned your G2 license – a moment worth celebrating! You’ll receive your temporary G2 license from the Drive Test Centre, and your official card will be mailed to your address within the next two weeks. 
  • Setback: If the outcome isn’t what you hoped for, don’t lose heart. The examiner provides constructive feedback and areas for improvement. It’s a chance to learn and grow, preparing you for success in your next attempt. 

Hopefully, this blog post has provided you with a clear understanding of what to expect on your G2 road test day. Remember, it’s a significant milestone on your journey towards driving independence, and with preparation and perseverance, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. Good luck on your road test and may your driving adventures be safe and enjoyable! 

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